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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pill Minder Addendum

I showed you how to make a 28 day pill minder, but I forgot about those of us like me, who have "off" cycles. Not everyone has the standard 28 day cycle.

One of my ovaries likes the 28 day cycle, but the other ovary shuns it for a 30 day cycle. Therefor, every other month, I need 2 extra days worth of pills. Always add these extra days to your "up" cycle, not your PMS or Period cycles, unless you have charted and it has come out otherwise.

So, for my extra days on my off period, I simply fill in an extra, basic 1 week pill minder like this one.

I put stickers over the "sunday" and "monday" that say simply "x-tra 1 AM" and "x-tra 1 PM" then covered the next two with "x-tra 2 AM" and "x-tra 2 PM."

I wouldn't have put the days of the week on my regular pill minder box if I'd realized that I had off cycles at the time, but back then, I didn't know. Because once you introduce the extra days, the only thing that matters is cycle day #.

Always do the regular pill minder for a 28 day cycle, and add the one or two extra days in. This keeps it simple and easy to refill, which is ultimately the whole point.

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