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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The First Rhythm: Charting Your Menses

It comes every month, for most of us. We're all familiar with it. The bleeding, the cramping (for some), the discomfort.

But are we really all that familiar with it? There's more to it than these discomforts. More than the painful symptoms, the irritability, the mood swings, and the rest of the commonly associated discomforts.

If you're familiar with these, but not the benefits, then it's time to sit yourself down and honestly, openly revisit your monthly. It's time to start charting it. Because there are benefits, and it's these that we wish to begin to not only explore, but to make copious use of.

Also, we want to start supplementing in such a way that we are supported in having fewer negatives. Wouldn't that be nice? Less irritability, less stress, less cramping, better sleep. Imagine that, who would have thought these things were possible?

I mean, we're women, aren't we just supposed to endure, no matter what it takes? Aren't we supposed to just live with it, and struggle through like a trooper?

I'm not sure where this idea comes from, and I'm not going to start guessing (that's a controversy for a different blog, were I to start one). However, I do know that it's not an appropriate or worthwhile idea.

There's no reason whatsoever why we should force ourselves to just struggle through when there are not only options for supplementation to help us ease our symptoms, but there are ways of living that are actually *gasp* in harmony with our feminine cycles!

But the first step, the first habit for us to create is for us to chart our cycle. This is as important as Simpleology-- Simpleology only more important as far as this blog goes because it supports us in charting our Menses!

Why do I think charting is so very important?

Because of the differences it can, and probably will, make in our lives. Here are some points to ponder:

Did you know that at certain times of the month....
  • you are more organized than others?
  • you are literally physically stronger?
  • your body purposely and with intent tries to put on weight?
  • your body purposely and happily loses weight?
  • you sleep better?
  • your mood deteriorates rapidly?
Some of these, I'm sure you knew. But these are only a few of the changes going on constantly in your body and your mood and your mindset. I list these to illustrate the fact that we often work against, rather than with, the natural rhythms of our monthly hormonal changes.

Our body changes can be tracked. Once we begin to track them, the changes that happen are amazing. Once we know when to tell ourselves, "Not to worry, this is just hormones. This too, shall pass," and we know when to expect our bodies to be weaker and when stronger... then we can change the way we live our lives.

We can also change the way we feel about ourselves.

Our Menses can be a gift, rather than a curse.

What I personally chart:

  • Date
  • Cycle day (1-28)
  • Weight
  • Bloat (location, amount)
  • Mood (irritable, positive, unpredictable, moody, etc.)
  • Focus (how well am I focusing on tasks?)
  • Organization (am I feeling like organizing, or just maintaining?)
  • Stress Level
  • Energy Level
  • Pain (degree and location)
  • Hunger Level
  • Strength
  • Sleep (amount and quality)
  • Libido
  • Sexual Responsiveness
  • Meditation (amount and focus/quantity)

Once I know these things, and have knowledge of the length of my cycle (normally it's 28 days, some vary, however), then I can begin to make changes accordingly.

So this is the first step. Once you have this particular step down, and you have a few months' worth of charting under your belt, you'll start to see a real pattern. You'll begin to understand how your hormones are effecting your day to day life.

You cannot make changes around your cycle until you really, truly, understand and know your cycle. If you don't really know your cycle, and how you feel at each day of your cycle, then how can you possibly really know yourself?

A small note on your cycle days:

  • Day 1 = First day of your Menses/Period
  • Day 5 = Beginning of the weaker, weight loss period
  • Day 19 = Beginning of the stronger, but usually hungrier stage
So, for now, chart your cycle. If you haven't started your period recently, then just begin charting without the "cycle day" notation filled in just yet. Even if it's a couple of weeks before you have a Period, you still have the beginning of a pattern established.

No excuses. Start today, no matter whether you know when to expect your next Period or not.

Change your life by getting to know yourself and your body. It has more impact on you than many of us wish to admit-- and than nearly any of us have been taught to acknowledge.

Well, it's past time to not only acknowledge our bodies and their rhythms, but time to turn them into our dancing partners, and Live the Rhythm every day of our lives.

~ Livin' the Rhythm with Kimberly Weston

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