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The Single Most Important Change you can make in order to change your life for the better. This is an absolute Must-Read for anyone who wants a better life, or to make permanent changes in their habits.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Single Most Important Change

If I could convince you to make one single change, it would be this one.

If you asked me, "Kimberly, how can I change my life, right now, for the better. I want a lasting, real change, that will change everything else, too," then this is what it would be.

If you asked me, "How can I overcome overwhelm, create new habits, eliminate much (or even all) of my daily guilt about not getting things done, and make my life easier?" Then I would tell you to do this, and that these things would flow from it.

But then you'd tell me this before you even heard me out:

  • "I probably can't afford it." I have news for you. It's free.
  • "I don't have time." News there, too. It takes 15 minutes a day. If you make time for it, you'll free up most of the rest of your day, too. So making time for this, makes time for other, more fun things.
  • "Nothing can really change your life that way." Nothing that motivates you and then leaves you to your own devices can. But this is an ongoing support for your entire life.

I have seen so many things advertising that they have "The Secret that The Secret™ didn't tell you," and yet none of them have pointed to this program. I wish I didn't have to get in the "The Secret to The Secret™" line, but let's face it, none of these programs have worked for me. I suspect that, if you've tried them, they didn't work for you, either.

So, I want you to succeed. I'm giving out a lot of tips and tricks that will improve your life if you practice them on a consistent basis.

But you've learned a lot that would help you, if you practiced it on a consistent basis, haven't you? You've been inspired before, have you not?

Thought to yourself, "Oh wow! That's amazing. I'm going to do that!" and a week or so later, you've lost that Git-Up-And-Go attitude and you're feeling like it's too much work or not enough time or...

For some reason, it's just not happening.

This is a familiar feeling for almost all of us. And that guilt that follows not following through is even more familiar. The nagging sense of something undone. The nagging feeling that we should be doing more. We should be accomplishing something...

Something. Something more. Something better. Something...

The free program that I'm talking about here will almost certainly eliminate that nagging feeling if you make the decision to put this single habit FIRST on your list of what to turn into a lifetime habit.

I have experienced the life change that comes from daily practice of this action habit. This one habit is the fulcrum upon which your ability to create other new habits hinges. It's the foundation for everything that I'm teaching you. The foundation for creating and maintaining ANY habit or motivational action that ANYONE teaches you.

I don't get paid when you join Simpleology. I don't get paid if you decide later to get any of his other programs.

My recommendation of this program to you is without any strings attached. I simply, truly, sincerely believe in it. I KNOW it WILL change your life if you will dedicate yourself to this one thing first.

It will bring the rest of your life together.

It's called Simpleology by Mark Joyner.

What it has done for me, and I believe with absolute certainty it will do for you if you make it into a habit:

  • Eliminated "I didn't get enough done today" guilt that considerably adds to overwhelm
  • Helped me create other new habits that have changed my life and helped keep my house clean
  • Improved my ability with money
  • Kept me consistent in my diet and exercise plan
  • Kept me consistent in disciplining Kira
  • Assisted me in a consistent practice of visualization and meditation
  • Freed up time in my day for guiltless pleasure passtimes
In fact, I can't really record all the ways that it has changed and improved my life. Because to do so, I would have to list all the benefits of a regular exercise program, of eating well, of a regular meditation practice, of improvements in money management, etc.

So as you can see, this is the ONE thing you can do, starting today, for FREE, that has the potential to create exponential changes in your life.

I want you to succeed. I want to give you tips that you can come back to a month from now and implement, with an ongoing, lifetime success rate.

This is the foundation. With this, you can create the success you want in creating new habits, be they habits with money, habits of cleaning house, habits with your children, going to school and actually following through on it... whatever.

If you take absolutely nothing away from this blog, please take this. If you do so, then I have succeeded in my ultimate goal:

To give you the tools to change your own life for the better.

Because only YOU can change your life. And the only true way to do that is to be consistent enough to create new habits. Humans require slow changes if they're going to stick. Daily, consistent application of this single program will lay the foundation for all of the changes you want in your life.


Just do it.

~ Livin' the Rhythm with Kimberly Weston


  1. are you serious? I signed up for it and did the first few lessons or whatever and then got annoyed becauea I thought they were too simplistic and quit! Maybe I should give it another try based on what you said about the improvements. If I could actually stick with stuff long enough, maybe I could have those sorts of results, huh?

  2. I'm quite serious. Yes, it seems simplistic, but stick with it. Do it the way he tells you to do it.

    It's life changing, once you really get into the action portion of it, and turn it into a habit.

    When it's all done and said, you might be thinking to yourself, "This is all so obvious," but if it really, honestly were so obvious, and we all already had such a method for a habit...

    He wouldn't have needed to make such a course.

    I recommend strongly that you finish out the course according to his directions, and then give it a minimum of a month before you decide that "it doesn't work" or "it's too simple/obvious/easy/whatever."

    It has been honestly, stupendously life-changing for me, and I believe that if you'll stick with it, it will be for you, too.